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Our Manifesto

The next nonprofit must engage the mind, heart, and hands of supporters – multi-dimensional community engagement and donor relations.


The recent tragedies that have captured national attention are bringing about a moral reckoning. People are again wondering what it means to be a society and to live a meaningful life.

We project that this cultural climate will lead to a diversification of the reasons for supporting, giving, or volunteering in a nonprofit.

In other words, we think people will have greater interests and demands about participating in the mission of a nonprofit.

Therefore, the next nonprofit will paradoxically be versatile, efficient, and comprehensive, all at the same time, to engage in the following ways:

Keeping your supporters aware of what is happening in your areas of focus – from data, to industry trends, to new strategies.

Providing the means for supporters to both process how they feel as well as to discern what they should do.

Naming and offering opportunities for participation in addressing matters in the area(s) of focus.

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