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How Wesleyan Investive Gets Design Right

As the United Methodist Development Fund (UMDF) became Wesleyan Investive a few years ago, they took branding seriously. And, their design, communications, and non-profit marketing took a turn for the way better.

Here are three things they are getting right:

1. Values-revealing Content

Just take a look at their Facebook page (@wesleyaninvestive) and what do you see?

They are presenting content at the intersection of ministry innovation, social holiness, and the resources that can power it.

It is an effort to highlight real-world examples of their values as well as to generate wonder about what more might be possible in the ministries of potential clients.

2. Editorially-driven Podcast

What should a podcast from a loan-making non-profit organization be about?

Money, maybe?

No, Wesleyan Investive decided that the podcast should be about, “five adaptive muscles the church must strengthen to be fit, agile, and ready for God’s now.”

Their guests are experts with perspectives that matter for the ministry contexts of today and tomorrow.

3. Forward-looking Branding

Last, but not least, there is not enough that we can say about the consistency of quality of their branding and design language.

  • Logical usage and integration of their logo into their graphics
  • Consistency of colors in their graphics
  • Depth of texture of their graphics

Besides the fact that everything looks nice, it conveys a genuine sense of intentionality. Like, someone cared enough to make sure that things were going to look this way.

Our Bottom Line

In summary, their design, communications, and non-profit marketing, on every channel of social media they are on as well as their podcast, are quite impressive.

It is all a great example to learn from and follow.

Note: This is a design case study of Wesleyan Investive. Cause & Calling Co. is not affiliated, and has never engaged in business, with Wesleyan Investive.

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