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How nonprofit branding energizes people

Nonprofits find it difficult to motivate people, sometimes.


Our answer is: branding.

It’s not that branding solves every problem – it solves the biggest one: belief.

And, you need not look further than NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to understand.

The Return of The Worm

In May 2020, NASA brought back its more “retro” logo, often called, “The Worm,” for the launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.

The snaky, red logo (pictured below) was actually in use before, until it was decided that the, “meatball,” (also pictured below) would be the only logo in use.

NASA described the return of the logo like this:

“The retro, modern design of the agency’s logo will help capture the excitement of a new, modern era of human spaceflight on the side of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle…” (Typeroom)

Can a logo really do that?

Yes – yes it can.

The Problem of Good

Too often, nonprofits tell me that they are too good for branding.

They will equate “branding” with “marketing,” and “marketing” with a commerc-iality that is seemingly incompatible with their mission.

But, this would be a mistake.

You see, the biggest problem is that people need to both understand and believe in your cause. And, branding is the steward of the nonprofit’s emotions.

If the cause is that good, then let the goodness show – simply and easily – through your branding.

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